Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Memorial Day pics

Memorial Day weekend pics

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day Weekend we wen to Colorado Springs. It is only about an hour and a half away from us. First we went to the Castle Rock outlets and did some shopping, I love them! It was so fun! Then we went to an awesome place called Garden of the Gods, which is a park of huge Red Rocks, and after we climbed up in them I heard a rattle, so we ran...snake! That night we went to a Sky Sox game(the Rockies Farm Team.) The kids did ok, mostly we stayed in the kids area and let them play while we caught glimpses of the game. The cool thing was that we got 3 foul balls, which was awesome!after the game they had fireworks, the kids loved it, totally worth staying the whole time for:) We stayed in a hotel which was pretty eventful with 3 kids and no pack and play. Lincoln wasn't happy, but he finally settled down and everyone slept well. In the morning we tried to eat the continental breakfast, but all the kids were whining and going crazy so we just left and went to a place called The North Pole. It was totally fun amusement park that is Christmas themed. The kids had so much fun riding rides and playing games. Bailey got her face painted and we got a special Christmas ornament made with all our names on it. We were there for 4 hours before calling it a day and we still didn't finish the whole park. We will be going back:)

Monday, May 30, 2011

30th Birthday / Maryland Trip!

So my birthday was on Mother's day this year as it has been many other times in the past, but it wasn't just any birthday, it was the big 30! I was kind of unhappy about this mile stone in life, until I decided to embrace it. So I decided that since it was my birthday and mother's day, that I would ask Matt for 1 big present. All I wanted was to go to Maryland to visit the family I still have there and my 2 Best Friends...and he said yes! So on May 11th, 3 days after my birthday I took a plane from Denver to Washington D.C.! My Bro-in=law, Jason and Nephew, Christian met me there and off we went, of course we got lost coming home, but the signs were totally jacked up. It was a fun little adventure:) I stayed with My sister Jeri, and her family first. We had lots of fun hanging out, watching American Idol and arguing over who would win. I met my newest little niece, Nia, who is so adorable and snuggled with Chase a lot:) We went to Gettysburg, and ate at the Dobin House, YUM! Then Doug and Golden came to a BBQ with their families and I got to see my new nephew, Soren. He was munching on my face a lot. I love him! It was Doug and Daniel's birthday's too. We all had a lot of fun. I miss my family so much.
The next day my bestie, Amanda, came to pick me up for girls night at her house. My other bestie, Shannon, came and another girl named Heather was there also. We ordered Chinese and went on a quick grocery shopping spree for food:) Amanda is the fastest shopper ever, she and Matt would get along:) We stayed up way too late talking about college and high school. I forgot to mention that they both have adorable new babies, Avery, and Reed~also Brady is still new to me considering, I have only met him once before this. I love them so much:) Anyway, The next day Amanda and I just hung out playing piano and touring Mt.Airy. We did a little shopping and then it was on to the the Inner Harbor, in Baltimore. We picked up Shannon on the way and went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was pretty fun, watching the drunk guys in the corner singing. We were a little wild ourselves, taking crazy pictures, that I hope never go public:) We ended the night at Shannon's parents house just chatting and the next day I flew home, happy to see my little family I left behind for a much needed break:) So overall it was the best Birthday/Mother's Day present ever:) And by the way, Matt and the kids still spoiled me even before I left. Matt took me to The Melting Pot and got me flowers and cards and a cute picture frame with a bunch of pictures and the saying..."Home is where your story begins." Pretty sure he will never be able to top this year:) Thanks Honey, I love you!
Sweet Natalie
Jeri, Nia and Christain at the Dobin House.
Reed and Avery
me, Shannon, and Amanda( it is not a very clear pic)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feb 2011

February was a pretty fun month. First of all the twins turned 18 mos! How crazy!
Ian: Walking almost running everywhere. He is the busiest little guy I know. He is going up and down the stairs. He says, momma, dada, bye(with the wave), Ball, and tries to imitate what you say. My favorite thing he does is when he hears music he spins in circles throwing his arms in the air until he gets dizzy and falls down. He loves to dance! He loves everything that Bailey has and wants her blanket all the time. He is so smart and we love him so much!
Lincoln: takes about 4 steps now and can stand by himself in the middle of the room for up to a minute. He is very talkative, he says, Momma, dada, grandma, ball, and loves to just make noise. He has a very tender heart and loves being loved on. I snuggle him as much as possible.
Both the boys love basketball,baseball and football. They like to throw balls all the time. All the kids favorite game id called Piggy and Beast. Matt is the Beast and he gets down on the floor and growls and chases the little piggies around. The kids go crazy and laughter abounds:)
Bailey is still in Preschool and doing great. She is getting so good at art and writing. She loves to make cards for people. She is getting really good at counting too. Our goal is to have her be able to count to 100 before she starts kindergarten, maybe even reading a little too. She will be going into kindergarten this year. She is so ready! I think she will love it.
Matt and I are doing great! Valentines Day was fun. Matt got me flowers and a card. We got the kids some cute stuff too:) We went to a Nuggets game too with another couple, so that was awesome:) I will try and do better at updating more often:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

December/January Happenings

To start off, Christmas was wonderful this year. It was so nice having all of my children healthy and growing:) We spent Christmas with Matt's family this year and had a great time:) The kids got lots of fun presents and had fun playing with their cousins. Bailey's highlight presents were a Leapster 2 and a vanity, which looks like it was made for a baby doll. I mean it is so small, it is comical! The boys favorite presents were 2 riding toys given to them by Grandpa Mark and Grandma Diane. They also got winter coats from Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson which was my favorite gift for them, since I use then everyday:) Matt and I got lots of gift cards and my mom made me a special album with all my childhood pictures, loved it! Matt's mom came over from Grand Junction to spend time with everyone. We spent new Years with her and had a great time:)
January is going great, I started my new business, selling Premier Designs Jewelry! I love it! My training show went great. I had a $719.00 training show which is amazing:) I think I will love doing this:)
The kids are doing great, Ian is walking everywhere now and is into everything. He is smart as a whip! Lincoln is up and cruising along furniture, he will start occupational therapy this week due to some sensory issues. He is the sweetest happiest little boy. Bailey is still in Preschool and doing well, she starts Kindergarten in the fall. She also just started taking Ballet, which she is great at and loves so much.
I feel very blessed right now in life. I am so happy with life:)Boys playing
Boys falling, I couldnt stop laughing at this...I'm mean:(
Ian on his ride
Sweet Lincoln
Beautiful Bailey

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ian is Walking!

Ian is finally walking! He is 16 mos old. So if you adjust that for being 3 mos. premature, he would be 13 mos. and walking. That is pretty normal. I am so excited! Our goal was to get him walking by Christmas and he is doing great! Now if only we could get Lincoln on board with the walking thing:) Who knows when that will happen:) I am so thankful for these sweet little boys the Lord has blessed me with. They are so fun and entertaining. I just love them so much!
I will try and take some pics of him walking, since my video won't load...sorry:)